Presenting in Rome, Samson Kambalu brings us art as a way of life through play, dear to his land of origin, Malawi, where one provides a gift wearing a mask to avoid being recognized thus eliminating the requirement of having to be reciprocated. In the same setting Nyau cinema is born in Africa, which strongly inspires the artistic production of Samson Kambalu. Learn more at TEDxRoma-Game Changers 2016


“METROPOLITAN” – a nyau cinema installation taking shape at Kunsthalle Mainz, Germany. Show opens on 24 June, and runs through to 16 October. Artists include Vito Acconci / Francis Alÿs / Samson Kambalu / Jiří Kovanda / Klara Lidén / Ahmet Öğüt / Roman Ondak / Neša Paripović / Pilvi Takala