Selected Press

2017 – Samson Kambalu at Nordenhake, Red Barn Farm, Konsten, Sweden

2017 – Samson Kambalu at Nordenhake, Red Barn Farm, Kunstkritikk, Sweden

2017 – Samson Kambalu at Nordenhake, Red Barn Farm, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

2017 – The Threshold of History, Retrogarde review, ArtSlant

2016 – Samson Kambalu at Kate MacGarry (Capsules, Mountains and Forts) and Whitechapel (Introduction to Nyau Cinema) – Art Monthly Review by David Barrett

2016 – Detail is All – Frieze review of Samson Kambalu’s “Metropolitan” at Kunsthalle Mainz, by Kate Sutton.

2016 – Anthony Ellis review of Nyau Cinema at ABC Cinema, Liverpool Biennial 2016

2016 – How to Waste Time Creatively – Samson Kambalu interview by Luar Klinghofer Bar Dov, Whats on Africa – Royal African Society

2016, Litterbugs, light shows and left luggage – Adrian Searle on Samson Kambalu’s Nyau Cinema project at the Liverpool Biennial 2016, The Guardian

2016, Game Changers: Samson Kambalu and his idea of play in art and in life by Aloesia Leopardi, Griot Magazine

2016, Play and the profane in Samson Kambalu’s Holy Ball, Holyballism and (Bookworm) The Fall of Man by Massa Lemu (Stedelijk Studies, Third Issue)

2015, Venice Biennale: Highlights and the best of the rest by Louisa Buck, The Telegraph

2015, Samson Kambalu: Souverain du Cinema Nyau by Eric Loret (Café des Images, 8 September)

2015, Gianfranco Sanguinetti contro la Biennale di Venezia by Raffaella Pellegrino in Artribune

2015, L’écrivain italien Sanguinetti porte plainte contre la Biennale de Venise by Roxana Azimi in Le Monde

2015, Entering the Arena, All the World’s Futures: Samson Kambalu on the 56th Venice Biennale (Contemporary And,)

2015, Samson Kambalu on Nyau Cinema: interview by Matteo Mottin (ATP Diary 22 May)

2014, For the Ranter the whole World is a playground: Samson Kambalu interviewed by Massa Lemu (Contemporary And, 2014)

2012, Tattoo City: The First Three Chapters, The Guide, The Guardian

2010, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zwischen Nietzsche und Holy Ball, Switzerland

2010, Salzburgh Nachritchen, Ein Steilpass von Nietzsche by Berhard Flieher

2010, Spiegel Online, Jive Talker by Ulrich Baron

2009, Mister Motley, Demonen Wegtrappen!, (magazine article) by Daphne Pappers, The Netherlands

2009, Recreating the Portrait of the Young Artist, WASI, review by Steve Chimombo, Malawi

2009, Bookforum USA, An Artist’s Genesis by Joscelyn Jurich

2008, Reviews of The Jive Talker (Random House, Simon and Schuster, and Unionsverlag) in UK and USA include The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, Bookforum and TimeOut New York

2008, Time Out New York, The Jive Talker Review by Michael Sandlin

2008, Good News from Africa by Giles Foden in The Guardian

2008, The Adventures of an African Huckleberry Finn by Aminatta Forna in The Telegraph

2008, Portrait of the Artist as a Young African by Susan Williams in The Independent

2005, Metro Review

2004, a-n Magazine, Samson Kambalu: Holyballism, review by Michael Forbes

2004, The Lincolnshire Echo, Forget Goldenballs, it’s Holyballs for Sam (article), plus a number of letters

2004 The Guardian, Picture Perfect: New British Talent by Adrian Searle

2004, Telegraph, Strangeness and Charm by Richard Dorment

2004, Channel 5, Liverpool Biennial review with Tim Marlow

2004, The Independent, Feeling Queasy on the Mersey Side, by Thomas Sutcliffe

2004, BBC 2 Newsnight with Thomas Sutcliffe

2003, Deterritorialism, Art Monthly, Eddie Chambers

2003, Black My Story, Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, The Netherlands.
Artists included Jimmie Durham, Remy Jungeman, Shirana Shahbazi and Chikako Watanabe

2003, NRC Handelsblad, Door Cornel Bierens, The Netherlands

2003, Nederlands Instituut voor Zuielijk Afrika, The Netherlands

2002, WASI, Steve Chimombo Malawi

2001, Kunstblad magazine, Claudine Hellweg, The Netherlands

2001, Nederlands Instituut voor Zuielijk Afrika, The Netherlands

2000, WASI, Malawi

Selected TV and Radio Appearances

2016, Snow on the Hill, Nyau Cinema Channel 4 broadcast with Frieze Film 2016

2010, Samson Kambalu on ORF TV, Vienna, Austria

2010, Bayern 2, Munich, Germany (With Ania Mauruschat)

2008, BBC Radio Nottingham (Opening of New Art Exchange Gallery)

2008, BBC Radio 4 Midweek (With Hardeep Singh Kohli)

2008, Samson Kambalu on BBC London (With Robert Elms)

2008, BBC World Service (With George Arney)

2004, BBC Radio Derby Interview

2005, BBC Radio Nottingham

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